Seminars and Lectures

Cecil Fike has been conducting workshops and seminars for more than 25 years throughout the southeast and is available to conduct training events for interested groups and organizations on all aspects of the grief process. Workshops include:

Understanding the Grief Process
Understanding the normal process that one goes through following any loss helps both the person who is experiencing grief and those who seek to minister to them. This workshop is basic for anyone who desires work with grieving persons whether in small groups or in one to one support.

Understanding Complicated Grief
The impact of multiple losses, sudden death, traumatic losses such as murder, suicide or natural disasters requires an understanding of the cause and effect of such losses. This workshop helps the participant recognize the symptoms of complicated or morbid grief experiences and know when to refer for more intense therapy.

Understanding Stress
The loss of a loved one is usually the most stressful event in any person's life. Granger Westberg would NEVER lead a grief workshop without including a session on stress management. This workshop is designed to help the participant to better understand the cause and effect of stress on the physical wellbeing of the individual and look at ways to counteract those effects.

Children Also Grieve
Understanding that children also grieve and are greatly effected by losses of loved ones is essential for anyone who works with children and their parents. This workshop will look at the children's grief as influenced by their age and developmental stage and will include suggestions for helping them in different times in their lives.

Leadership Training
This workshop is designed to train those persons who are looking to start a Good Grief Group. Every aspect of the workbook are discussed with suggestions for organizing successful support groups.

Workshops can be scheduled individually or combined into one or two day seminars. Contact Cecil Fike for more details and to discuss scheduling and honorariums and fees.

Good Grief Groups

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