Good Grief Workbook Good Grief Workbook: A Workbook Designed To Help Those Who Are Grieving
by Rev. Cecil Fike
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Good Grief Workbook Good Grief Leader's Manual
by Rev. Cecil Fike

Purpose, goals and outline for each session.

Good Grief Workbook Good Grief; 50th anniversary Edition
Timeless Wisdom for All Who Grieve
by Granger Westberg

Granger E. Westburg was a widely respected pioneer in holistic healthcare and the interrelationship of religion and medicine, and founder of the parish nurse program.
When Your Spouse Dies Seasons of Solace
by Janelle Shantz Hertzler

After her husband was killed by a drunk driver, Janelle Shantz Hertzler began searching for a way through the pain. Her struggle to make sense of her loss and find peace resulted in this moving collection of heartfelt poetry and inspiring photography. Hertzler's poems and photographs reflect the universal experience of losing a loved one. Within the narrative lie broader truths of life and death, love and sorrow, allowing each reader to find his or her own story in its pages.

When Your Spouse Dies When Your Spouse Dies
by Mildred Tengbom

In this warm and helpful book, Mildred Tengbom addresses the emotions and difficulties widows and widowers face as they look ahead to life without their spouses. She offers spiritual comfort and hope, guiding the reader through the phases of shock and disorganization to the construction of a new life.

When Your Child Dies
When Your Child Dies
by Theresa M. Huntley

The death of a child is he worst loss parents can experience. In When Your Child Dies, author and grief counselor Theresa Huntley offers grieving parents honest, practical guidance. Her insights into the grief process, the tasks of mourning, and the ways people grieve will help parents come to understand, accept, and live with their loss.

When Your Baby Dies
When Your Baby Dies
by Louis A. Gamino and Ann Taylor Cooney

The experience of miscarriage or stillbirth is confusing and distressing. When Your Baby Dies offers honest and practical guidance for parents and other family members. Authors Louis Gamino and Ann Taylor Cooney draw on their experiences to provide gentle insights into the grief process, mourning, andmoving on.

When Your Parent Dies
When Your Parent Dies
by Ron Klug

Anticipated or sudden, the death of a parent is a life-changing loss for surviving children and family members. When Your Parent Dies is a brief, focused, and compassionate book thet guides adults through the first days and weeks of bereavment. Drawing on his own grief experience, author Ron Klug shows how the resources of faith, family, and community can help a grieving person move forward in life to find hope and healing.

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